Expressive, abstract art created with beeswax, oil paints, and damar resin. Artworks rich in texture harmonize with existing decor elements, tying together colors and patterns creating a sense of coziness, warmth, and sophistication.

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All original art is, on some level, a reflection of the artist. Most of my pieces are created with an idea in mind and, when finished, have transformed into something completely different. Using encaustic medium itself becomes a way of letting go and accepting the path the wax chooses during the fusing process. I have found that my best work comes to life when I allow the beeswax to speak to me.  I simply surround myself with inspirational items I have found such as old keys, maps, and postcards, reference books collected over the years, photographs of people, rusted tea bags and paper towels, and vintage jewelry.  My work mirrors my life, which is also multi-layered…enriched by the texture of my spiritual values, family, and friends.

Femmes Fortes (Strong Women)

“Femmes Fortes” signifies strong women in French. Being of French and Spanish descent from the Deep South, women are strong and fearless. Southern women are taught from a young age the importance of manners, respect for one's elders, and to “never judge a book by its cover.” We may look dainty, but there is an inner strength that exudes from within. Red is my favorite color, this  collection was created to give a voice to my soul.

Kind Words From Customers

  • To say that Trudie's encaustic pieces inspire really is an understatement. For me, her work stirs emotion, curiosity and a deep dive into "how does this speak to me?" I believe her art is powerful and never fails to open inner doors.

    - Jane DeBlieux
  • We own several pieces of Trudie's art and every one has its own distinctive quality. Her work has such striking texture and color, we notice something new each time we view them.

    - Susan Sinitiere
  • We couldn’t be happier to have this amazing piece of artwork in our home! There’s so much depth in this piece and the true talent of the artist shines through. Blessed to have met Trudie in her previous career where she had such a meaningful impact on our son and now to witness her talent and creativity and have one of her pieces with us everyday.

    - Mike and Rena Cottam March 5, 2024